cover of tessa gratton's the queens of innis lear, a YA rewrite of Shakespeare's King Lear

Madness and Magic

The beginning of the school year is always a rough transition time as I try to work out a schedule that allocates time to everyyything that I want to do but also leaves me adequate breaks to recover. One of the many things that I struggle to find time for is casual reading, but it's … Continue reading Madness and Magic

My goals for the year are to read more books by female writers and authors of color. In particular, I'm interested in Asian-American voices and Japanese prewar literature. I'd like to review books as I read and also to write out some thoughts on past favorites. I'm always looking for recommendations, so let me know … Continue reading

cover of Starlings by Jo Walton, a collection of short stories and even shorter beginnings

Short Story Snippets

I didn't start enjoying, or even really reading, short stories until last January.┬áIn general, I need an emotional connection to my characters to care what they're up to, and I want my characters to stick around for long enough that building an emotional connection is worth it. For the same reason, I prefer watching a … Continue reading Short Story Snippets

"my name is kvothe, you may have heard of me" on the cover of Patrick Rothfuss' The Name of the Wind (book one of the Kingkiller Chronicle)

A Breath of Stagnant Air

It's the busy start of a new school semester, but a trusted friend has been urging me to read this book since he fell in love with it last summer, so I cracked it open on the plane ride back to campus. And couldn't stop reading this entire MLK long weekend. As you can imagine, … Continue reading A Breath of Stagnant Air

The End of One World and the Beginning of Another

I've always been bad with words. No, that isn't quite right. I've always been bad with the spoken word. Whenever I open my mouth (well, unless it's to eat dessert), anxious thoughts fly in, get trapped, and start rattling around endlessly. Am I shaping my mouth around this word correctly will the trajectory of my … Continue reading The End of One World and the Beginning of Another